Chapter 9



Article 1   General Provisions

33-1201   Applicability

33-1202   Definitions

33-1203   Variation

33-1204   Separate titles and taxation

33-1205   Applicability of local ordinances, rules and building codes

33-1206   Eminent domain

33-1207   Severability

Article 2   Creation, Alteration and Termination of Condominiums

33-1211   Creation of condominium

33-1212   Unit boundaries

33-1213   Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws

33-1214   Description of units

33-1215   Contents of declaration

33-1216   Leasehold condominiums

33-1217   Allocation of common element interests, votes and common expense liabilities

33-1218   Limited common elements

33-1219   Plat

33-1220   Exercise of development rights

33-1221   Alterations of units

33-1222   Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units

33-1223   Subdivision of units

33-1224   Easement for encroachments

33-1225   Use for sale purposes

33-1226   Easement to facilitate exercise of special declarant rights

33-1227   Amendment of declaration

33-1228   Termination of condominium

33-1229   Rights of secured lenders

33-1230   Merger or consolidation of condominiums

Article 3   Management of the Condominium

33-1241   Organization of unit owners' association

33-1242   Powers of unit owners' association; notice to unit owner of violation

33-1243   Board of directors and officers; conflict; powers; limitations; removal; annual audit; applicability

33-1244   Transfer of special declarant rights

33-1245   Termination of contracts and leases of declarant; applicability

33-1246   Bylaws

33-1247   Upkeep of the condominium

33-1248   Open meetings; exceptions

33-1249   Quorums; applicability

33-1250   Voting; proxies; absentee ballots; applicability; definition

33-1251   Tort and contract liability

33-1252   Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements

33-1252.01   Conveyance of certain real property

33-1253   Insurance

33-1254   Surplus monies

33-1255   Assessments for common expenses; applicability

33-1256   Lien for assessments; priority; mechanics' and materialmen's liens; applicability

33-1257   Other liens affecting the condominium

33-1258   Association financial and other records; applicability

33-1259   Association as trustee

33-1260   Resale of units; information required; fees; civil penalty; applicability; definition

33-1260.01  Rental property; unit owner and agent information; fee; disclosure

33-1261   Flag display; for sale, rent or lease signs; political signs and activities; applicability

Article 4   Administration of the Condominium Act

33-1270   Department of real estate; enforcement